As Northern Marmara motorway, our most important mission is to achieve full compliance with the national environmental legislation. Our main objective is to prevent or minimize any potential negative environmental impact that is projected at every stage of the operation and maintenance activities for the motorway.

For this purpose;

  • We carry out our activities by aiming to contribute to the national economy, protecting environmental quality and without compromising the sustainable use of natural resources.
  • We are environmentally and socially responsible when carrying out our business activities. We aim to operate the Northern Marmara motorway with a sustainable approach.
  • We are committed to taking all necessary measures to ensure environmental protection and increase environmental performance by cooperating with our motorway users, outside suppliers, public enterprises and our stakeholders, with whom we share the same environment, in all our activities (the design, planning, building and operating stages of the project).
  • For the sake of sustainable resources and the protection of biological diversity, we achieve waste disposal with the principle of recycling.
  • We establish direct and effective communications both within the Company and also with the public.
  • We ensure the development and application of projects that are required to mitigate social impacts.
  • In addition to our environmental policies followed by teams of experts, we take into consideration any suggestion and complaint from the public and we take corrective actions accordingly and as soon as possible and provide the public with the necessary information.
  • We develop performance monitoring/measuring methods to meet the Sustainable Environmental Policy and our determined quality-related objectives; we test and check the effectiveness and adequateness of our practices. We aim for constant improvement with periodical reviews and inspections