The closed barrier system involves the installation of a fully supervised system by building toll collection gates at all entrance and exit points throughout the designated area at junction link roads, junction side roads, main motorway body. With this type of toll gates, the fee collection is based on the distance from the entrance station up to the exit station, according to the vehicle classification.

The EZ Pass system involves toll collection on the main body instead of junction link roads. The most appropriate method for open systems is toll collection by EZ Pass. With EZ Pass systems, tolls are collected only from electronic tags [HGS (Fast-Pass System)/OGS (Automatic Pass System)]. The registration plates of vehicles without an HGS/OGS tag subscription are photographed and the applicable tolls are collected through legal proceeding systems in the case of fees unpaid in due time. This type of toll collection is based on the distance used and vehicle classification.

There is a ticket machine at all entrance barrier toll gates. In such cases, you can push the button on the ticket machine to get your ticket and enter the motorway . This ticket contains information such as your vehicle registration plate number, the entrance toll gate code, date and time.

On the tolled sections of the motorway , you can pay your toll fees based on your traveled distance with your Credit Card, Debit Card or in cash at the exit toll gate. If you are using the EZ Pass zones and fail to pay your toll fees with HGS, you can pay your toll fees on our websites: - by using your credit card or debit card or you can pay at our contracted ISBank and QNB Finansbank offices.

The vehicles that are allowed to use the tolled motorway , tunnels and bridges are divided into the following 6 (six) classes to provide a basis for toll collection;

a) 1st Class vehicle: 2-axle vehicles with the distance between the axles being less than 3.20 meters
b) 2nd Class vehicle: 2-axle vehicles with the distance between the axles being 3.20 meters or longer
c) 3rd Class vehicle: 3-axle vehicles
d) 4th Class vehicle: 4 or 5-axle vehicles
e) 5th Class vehicle: Vehicles with six or more axles
f) 6th Class vehicle: Grade L3, L4, L5, L7 motorcycles.

Classifications are based on the axles of tractive and towed vehicles that touch the ground. The toll collection application does not take into account whether the vehicles are loaded or not.
In order to prevent any error in charges, all vehicles must use a tag that fits their class.

You can calculate the current toll rate payable by clicking on Fee Calculator on the homepage at -

In such cases, an Illegal Pass Notice (IPN) will be issued to your vehicle at barrier toll gates. In the event of an Illegal Pass, please remember to pay your toll fees on the Illegal Pass Query and Payment page on our website ( - within 15 days in order to avoid an additional penalty that is 4 (four) times over the toll rate. Please call our Call Center at "0850 259 00 61" for further information about the subject.

In the event of failure to pay for an illegal pass within 15 days following the date of your exit from the motorway , the illegal pass penalty that is applicable on all state roads, bridges and tolled motorway owned by other private institutions is 4 (four) times over the regular fee, as set out in Article 30/5 of the Law on the Organization and Duties of the General Directorate of Motorway.

The toll rates applicable on the motorway are calculated based on the traveled distance. We have barriers installed at our entrances in order to allow for cash-paying users to get a ticket at the motorway entrance and to allow for HGS users to also pass with a ticket if there is any problem with their tags. The barriers installed at exit points allow for controlled passing particularly at cash toll gates and preventing our passengers at HGS toll gates from suffering a penalty if there is any problem with their tags or insufficient funds in their linked accounts.

The speed limit at the toll gate areas is 30 km/h. You must retain a safe following distance and reduce your speed if necessary, in case the vehicle ahead suddenly stops.

We have HGS systems installed on the motorway. You can make your payment at the barrier exit gates and at EZ Pass zones by using your HGS tag. At the barrier exit gates, it will be queried whether you have sufficient funds in your HGS account, and you will be allowed to pass automatically if a payment provision is received from the relevant bank. In the event of failure to receive an instant provision when passing (due to insufficient funds, interrupted communication, etc.), you can pay your passage fee by Credit Card/Debit Card/Cash at the toll gate.

Toll collection is only available by HGS at the EZ Pass zone.

If you have an HGS tag, you can make your payment at the entrance and exit by using the HGS gates according to your tag type. If you do not have an HGS tag, you can get a ticket from the Cash booths at the entrance, return your ticket to the ticket agent at the exit gate and pay the passage fee calculated by the system by Credit Card/Debit Card/Cash.

Moving in reverse gear is dangerous and prohibited at the toll gates and may lead to a repeating toll collection. In order to ensure safety on the motorway and to avoid price differences, you must complete your transactions at your own gate lane.
Since there are barriers at our entrance and exit gates, please reduce your speed and do not pass without waiting for the barrier to open. Failure to do so may lead to damages to vehicles and barriers.

Please make sure to have an HGS transponder available in your vehicle and sufficient funds in your account. You must always maintain your funds at a sufficient level in case you suffer from insufficient funds due to other tolled passages. We recommend that you give an automatic payment order to your tag provider in order to ensure problem-free toll payments.

Please make sure that the transponder or the HGS tag is correctly attached to your windshield, that the transponder or the tag is attached to the correct area for reading and that the device or the HGS tag is activated.
Your registration plate must be clean and readable.

You must not use an HGS tag that belongs to a different vehicle type or registration plate.

Illegal passes can be checked and In order to get the best results, you must always check your status within 2 days of passage. If you see an illegal pass on the system, you must pay your toll fees before a penalty imposition on the website or at QNB Finansbank Offices, Internet Banking, ATMs and ISBank Offices, Internet Banking, Is Cep and ATMs or by loading cash to your HGS tag. In order to avoid an illegal pass and illegal pass penalties, we recommend that you use your transponder or HGS tag in accordance with the information and operating manual provided by your service provider.

In the events of an accident, injury, fire and similar cases of EMERGENCY while traveling on the motorway route, you can make a free call to the Emergency Motorway Assistance Line on 161 that is available 24/7. You can also call 112 Health Emergency, 155 Police and 156 Gendarmerie Lines free of charge.

All pedestrians, animals, bicycle riders, non-motorized vehicles, rubber-tired tractors, construction equipment are prohibited from using the motorway.

The wire fencing or walls that are built along the motorway boundary lines were built for the purpose of preventing such exits; therefore, it is strictly prohibited to break, demolish, cut or otherwise destroy these barriers.

Pursuant to the decision made by GDH (General Directorate of Motorway), the highest minimum speed limit for motorway users is 40 km/h; the maximum speed except for the limits allowed by geometrical standards and the limits indicated on related traffic signs is 120 km/h for passenger cars.